Family farms are an integral part of our livelihood in Minnesota, and the Schmid family farm is just one great example of a multi-generational farm that continues to provide for our community. Kevin Schmid is the owner and operator of his family hog farm right outside of Worthington, Minnesota. He and his wife bought the farm site where they live from his in-laws. In 2005, they built the hog barns on the property.

Kevin comes from a farming family, with his dad being a dairyman, and remembers always wanting to farm. He hopes to continue the family tradition by passing it onto his children – three daughters and two sons. His daughter has shown interest in taking on more responsibility.

“We do pigs, seed, crops, and more. I’ve tried to keep something available for any or most of the kids if they want to come back to the farm. If they’re not interested in pigs, they can do something else.”

His dream for the farm has always included family. After the barns were built in 2005, he scratched his kids’ names into the cement, planning for the farm to be their college fund. He and his wife were able to put all five children through school with the success of the farm.

Hopes for the future include putting up another set of barns and bringing in some new pigs, with the next generation taking over the farm.

“I’ll help them and I’m sure Ryan can help them.”

Ryan Weber, Market President of United Prairie in Worthington, has been Kevin’s Business Banker since he started at United Prairie. Kevin had great praise for Ryan as a banker and United Prairie.

“I appreciate United Prairie standing behind us on this venture. It’s been a great relationship.”

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